Thursday, August 12, 2010

May 2010 - Sarah Visits

My friend, Sarah, moved up north last year. Her daughter, Shelby, was born the same day as Tyler. She has been such a great "mommy" friend. We have had so many playdates over the past 4 years. They came down 4 days before we had Tinley. She took some really great pics of my prego belly and we had a great time swimming. Of course the kids ended up streaking across the pool deck (I didn't include those pics ... So funny!) Sarah and her new hubby, Kyle, with their Big Ol' Truck! Miss em so much; Love you tons!!!
Shelby and Tyler

Shelby Tyler and Jenna Sarah, Kyle and the Redneck Truck!

Infant Swim Resource

I was introduced to Infant Swim Resource by one of my friend, Heather, an ER doctor. It is the most amazing program in teaching children survival swimming to avoid drowning. Since I didn't grow up with a pool in my back yard much less swim in anything deeper than a "WalMart special plastic pool" for a very long time, this was a new world to me. When Mike and I decided to build a pool in our backyard since Arizona is hotter than the Devil's backyard, I felt it was time to teach the kids. Jenna started when she was 10 months and Tyler at 2. This year was their re-certifcation. I am so proud as a parent that these two are now fishes in the pool and swim better than I ever have! Check out the website because this is not something limited to AZ:



3-4 Chicago Bears

Ahhhh ... more football pics. So this season Tyler played for the Bears (finally!). Mike did a great job coaching and we made some great friends on the team. After 2 seasons, Tyler finally got the hang of it and was so excited to play and run the ball. The first game he got mad at Mike for taking him out and threw a fit on the sidelines. So funny! It was a little chilly in the mornings so he wore long sleeves. There is a great video of Tyler fumbling because of the "wardrobe malfunction!"



Tyler's 4th Bday

Tyler turned 4 on April 18. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is such a little boy! He got a few remote control toys and has had a great time running them all over the house. We had a party with his friends and even played some "Old School" party games that my mom used to do. We also took cupcakes to daycare for a little party ... Tyler and Jenna had a great time making the cupcakes. Grandma Al and Grandma Helen were in town just before his bday so we had a mini celebration with them too. What a deal ... 3 bday parties ... why not have a week long celebration!

Loggins Visit

Big Al and Helen came to visit in April for the NASCAR race and to visit the kids. They were here just before Tyler's birthday. We had a great visit and as you can see they had a great time at NASCAR!!
Mike and J
Grandma Helen and Jenna
Mike and Big Al
Tyler after riding his bike

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a nice Easter this year. I had to work but we did an Easter Egg hunt over the weekend. The kids had a great time. We had Dylan Mashlan over again. The kids found all the eggs and had a great time chowing the candy. Tyler loved getting money in the eggs so when he would open one with candy he would complain, "Where's the money?!" Hilarious! We also made a load of cupcakes - Easter basket style this year. The kids also got Zhu Zhu pets from Grandpa Art and Grandma Karen. If you don't know what these are - they are motorized hamsters that make sounds and roam all over the floor. Pretty entertaining watching the kids chase them.

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March 2010

March was a pretty laid back month. We bought my 2007 Tahoe. Love that truck ... best mama wagon I have ever owned! The kids planted our first tree with Mike one night. Unfortunately with a ton of TLC the darn tree didn't make it so now we have a fire hazard in the front yard. It was my 34th bday (second bday prego ... haha). Tyler for some reason remembers random things and likes to remind me that I am 34 and daddy is younger than me! Wonder who taught him that ... hmmmm. The kids love to play in the back yard and we had a lot of great weather for it!

Sea World San Diego Feb 2010

In February we went to San Diego for a long weekend. We went to the San Diego dog show to meet Cajun's new owner - Hiroki. Cajun is a puppy from our last litter that we sold to a man in Japan through a friend of ours. We had to keep him for 1 year until everything cleared to send him to the foreign country. It was a crazy process and ended up being really hard on me becauase I got too attached to him (guess my prego hormones were kicking in!). We also went to San Diego for the day since this was our vacation for the year. It ended up being cold and rainy at times. We got to the Shamu show and no sooner found a seat it started pouring. We paid an arm and leg for a few Shamu ponchos and watched the show. The kids absolutely loved it! This was right after the whale trainer was killed in Florida so none of the trainers got in the water with the whales, but it was still amazing to see those creatures up close. It did stop raining long enough for us to trek across the entire park. I was 5 months prego and ended up carrying Jenna all day long - minus the pic of Mike holding her on his shoulders ;) It was such a great day for the family. Just as we were leaving the park it started pouring!! Even though we spent most of the day soaking wet, it was so much fun and the kids loved it. They keep asking when we are going back to the shamu show.

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This is how Jenna walked around Sea World. It was hilarious! She was practically yelling at the end of her version. Too cute.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NY Jets